Romance Author Jax Cassidy shares a moment in Paris

Just in time for Valentine’s, Dark and Stormy turns to the romantic side of fiction. I am lucky enough to have erotic romance author, Jax Cassidy, sharing a luscious little moment of her time in Paris while writing her newest release Brush Strokes.

One fortunate reader will win a copy of Jax’s book, which Romance Junkies gave 4.5 ribbons and Coffee Time Romance called “a sweet and erotic dalliance”. Just leave a comment on this blog entry and the winner will be announced on February 19th.

Now onto Paris…

Sexy Paris

When I think of Valentine’s, I think of love and romance. I also think of Paris, the City of Light, where these emotions seem to be bloom year round. I totally love writing about this city because it will always be a magical place in my heart. Living there was a surreal experience—a dream come true in so many ways—because I was able to really explore and savor the richness of what this city has to offer. I never grew tired of seeing the architecture and would often walk along the streets, mesmerized by the beauty that stretched on for miles and miles. I liked to stop at the quaint cafés, frequent the local shops, and go completely nuts in the intimate bookstores. One of my favorite places was Shakespeare and Company, which has an amazing history, but that’s for another day.

Sensuality spills out from every corner of Paris because they take care in how each and every thing is presented. From the way they set up their window displays, to the way they wrap your pastries before you leave the patisserie, you can’t help but fall in love with the passion and pride they have for presentation. You know that saying, “it’s in the details”? It’s true, Paris evokes sexiness and you can’t help but feel sexy. I could go on and on about my experiences as an American living there but I wanted you to see why I use Paris as a backdrop.

In BRUSH STROKES, my latest release from Amber Heat, I used all the elements found in Paris to help set the mood for the story. It felt natural to write about an exclusive sex club because I wanted to show the sensual and provocative side instead of the normal submissive/dominant clubs that most often come to mind. Sadly, I must confess that I’m not into the lifestyle so I had to do the research. I was able to find information about an existing sex club that catered to the high-profile and affluent crowd so I threw in some embellishments and made it an ideal place for any inquisitive ‘sex club virgins’ to want to visit. This was so much fun to write and I fell in love with the characters. It also gave me a chance to incorporate my love of art and Mr. Darcy. C’mon, who doesn’t love the brooding hero in Pride & Prejudice? Since this is a short novella, I tried to make the chemistry ‘hot’ and as a person who believes in love at first sight and soul mates, I hope that this translated well in my story.

I’ll just wrap up by saying that you MUST visit Paris at least once in your lifetime. The place drips of sexiness and romance…will make you yearn for those naughty things you’ve always thought about and never acted upon. Once you step foot in the City of Light, you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about….

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